Here's what others are saying about our services:

"Thank you all at HITEC-LA for making it happen. This encourages us to work harder to achieve the goal. You can't imagine how much this is helping."

Dr. Mezia O. Azinge-Obasi
Los Angeles, CA

"Without any reservations, we highly recommend [HITEC-LA Service Partner] HSAG to any medical facility to assist with their electronic health records needs."

Dr. Nabil H. Khoury, Medical Director
Dr. Maribel P. Khoury, Family Practice Physician
Clinica Medica Hispana

“HITEC-LA has helped me understand each step required to achieve meaningful use.”

Marce Einstein
Executive Director, West Century Medical Center, Inglewood CA

“Thanks to L.A. Care for their generous incentive payment – we were delighted to have our upfront EHR costs covered.  Additionally, HITEC-LA services and our Office Ally EHR are a wonderful combination – our system will allow us to provide even better care to the children in our community.”

Dr. Kungsoo Kim
Artesia, CA

“I share a common vision with HITEC-LA that the HITECH act is a unique opportunity for the adoption of high quality health information technologies in a cost effective manner.  These efforts will lead to improvements in the quality and efficiency of healthcare in small practices within Los Angeles County, and HITEC-LA’s services are at the forefront of this change.”

Dr. George Ma
President, Los Angeles County Medical Association

“The help we received from the REC was invaluable to us.  HITEC-LA found us a great service provider team who worked side by side with us and brought the knowledge and skill we needed to get the job done!”

Dr. Tracy Robinson
Chief Medical Officer, T.H.E. Clinic, Inc.

“The Drew Medical Society physicians truly appreciated HITEC-LA presentation on October 21, 2010. This forum allowed them to ask the very specific questions they all have, but were unable to ask in larger meetings. The feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive. I hope that HITEC-LA gets plenty of enrollees from Drew.”

Dr. William King
President, Charles R. Drew Medical Society

“We were impressed with their rapid response to our request for assessment....We are very pleased with HITEC-LA and plan to call on them further as we move forward to achieve meaningful use of our EHR. Thank you HITEC-LA!”

Paula Wilson
President and Chief Executive Officer, Valley Community Clinic

“It is good that we have someone well informed and knowledgeable to help us through implementation of EHR.”

Joseph Dianchian
Administrator, Helen Rostalmoo MD

"I just wanted to say thank you for your support and assistance while we worked to submit our School-Based Health Center Capital grant program to HRSA.  We submitted the application this morning and are hopeful HRSA will fund the purchase of an EHR system for the new SBHC."

Jackie Provost, MPH
Director of Programs, UMMA Community Clinic

“The L.A. Care incentive provides us with much-needed funding that helps us complete key initiatives, and HITEC-LA will play a central role in coordinating the various elements of our EHR implementation to successfully get us to meaningful use. We expect that our EHR will enable us to make significant strides towards achieving greater standards of care to the communities that we serve.”

Gary Zimble
Chief Information Officer, St. John’s Well Child & Family Center

"The support we received from HITEC-LA, [Service Partner] MTS Healthcare & L.A. Care was very valuable.  Their guidance at each step was measured and very helpful."

Sunil F De Silva, CEO/CFO, Kids & Teens Medical Group
Northridge, CA

"We have to credit our consultants for all the assistance they've given us!  Thank you for that as well!

Dr. Maria Chandler
The Children's Clinic
Long Beach, CA

"Thanks....couldn't have done it without Karli"

Dr. Robert Simon
Sherman Oaks, CA

"I always encourage my colleagues to use EHR.  I love to use new technology.  I just purchased new blood pressor monitor  that  has blue tooth capability to integrate to EHR.  Once again thank you."

Dr. Kiritkumar Shah
Los Angeles

"HITEC-LA is our partner in achieving the breakthrough in EHR technology.  Without them, we cannot reach the milestone that we aim for.  We did not know how to start until HITEC-LA navigated us from the beginning until we reached meaningful use.  Thank you so much for all your support.""

Dr. Liberation DeLeon
Paramount, CA

“The full range of support that I received from HITEC-LA proved to be indispensable in my achieving meaningful use early.  I highly recommend their services to others that need assistance with their EHR.”

Dr. Anhtuan Tran
Van Nuys, CA

"I would  like to thank HITEC-LA for their invaluable assistance in helping me achieve meaningful use.  Your technicians were very attentive, and were always prompt whenever we asked for help.  Thanks for making this feel so effortless."

Dr. Ricardo McKenzie
Lynwood, CA

"Thank you very much for your help to set up the EHR.  Your group not only helps me find out what the "meaningful use" means and help me to reach the goal, but also help me gathering all the data needed for the evaluation (and pass).  Your work is highly appreciated."

Dr. J Raymond Li
Torrance, CA

"HITEC-LA’s assistance was essential in successfully bringing my practice to meaningful use.  I strongly recommend that health care providers include them in their implementation so that their switch to EHRs goes as smooth as possible."

Dr. Fidel Lara
Sun Valley, CA

"I wanted to take the time to personally thank Janine [of HITEC-LA Service Partner AMS] for her hard work and helpfulness.  As a physician for over 35 years transitioning to EHR was difficult, Janine was very available and willing to assist my office with what they needed in order to complete the incentive program.  I would like to acknowledge that she is definitely doing a stand out job!"

Dr. Lawrence Ogbechie
Long Beach, CA