HIT Medicare Incentive Payment Calculator


for Individual Providers

    H.R.1 (Sec. 4102) Medicare incentives for eligible professionals who are meaningful EHR users  
    Beginning with professional services provided in 2011, physicians who use electronic health records in a meaningful way may be entitled to incentive payment up to $44,000 over five years.  
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  Year that EHR meaningful use is achieved (a)    
  Total Medicare Allowable in $’s per year    
  Estimated Incentive Payments / Penalties (b) Results   Incentive payments will be equal to 75% of the allowed charges for all covered professional services furnished up to a maximum annual payment determined by the year in which your practice achieves meaningful use (MU).  
  (Model assumes 5% annual growth in MC charges/yr)      
  FY 2011 Incentive / Penalty (-)    
  FY 2012 Incentive / Penalty (-)    
  FY 2013 Incentive / Penalty (-)    
  FY 2014 Incentive / Penalty (-)    
  FY 2015 Incentive / Penalty (-) (c)    
  FY 2016 Incentive / Penalty (-)   Penalties takes the form of a reduction (increasing from 1%/year to a maximum of 5%/year) in the normal reimbursement schedule for those who are not “meaningful users” of a certified EHR by 2016.  
  FY 2017 Incentive / Penalty (-)    
  FY 2018 Incentive / Penalty (-)    
  FY 2019 Incentive / Penalty (-)    
  Net Effect on Medicare Payments 2011-2019 (d)    
  Notes and Disclaimers:      
  a To be eligible, providers must be: 1) Using a certified EHR in a meaningful manner, 2) Exchanging health information to improve the quality of care, and 3) Reporting on clinical quality measures.  
  b Calculations are estimates provided for informational purposes only and are offered without guarantee.  
  c There will be no incentive payments for those who adopt EHR after 2014 and penalties will affect providers who are not "meaningful users" by 2015.  
  d Eligible professionals predominantly furnishing services in a health professional shortage area (HPSA) - http://hpsafind.hrsa.gov/ - will receive an additional 10% increase in their bonus payments.