HITEC-LA Service Partner Overview

Who are Service Partners?

HITEC-LA’s Service Partners serve as an extension of our organization, offering health care providers local expertise and technical assistance services that can help them adopt EHRs and achieve meaningful use Stage 1 criteria.  These Service Partners are highly-qualified healthcare consulting organizations that have undergone a rigorous review, selection and approval process to ensure they are prepared to serve the unique needs of clinics, small, and solo practices throughout Los Angeles County.

Why does HITEC-LA use Service Partners?

Responsiveness, quality service and efficiency are top priorities for HITEC-LA.  By contracting with select, qualified Service Partners, HITEC-LA has the ability to provide prompt assistance to a variety of member providers who need help and connect them to appropriate EHR experts for their specific needs.  Each of the Service Partners selected by HITEC-LA brings a proven track record of working with practices to successfully select and implement EHR systems and improve clinical performance.

What types of assistance do Service Partners provide?

HITEC-LA’s qualified Service Partners offer a full complement of services to help providers with EHR implementation from start to finish.  Service Partners are able to provide a standard bundle of 12 types of subsidized technical assistance services which are designed to help providers achieve meaningful use for Stage 1, as well as prepare them for Stages 2 and 3.  Services include:

  • Readiness and workflow assessment
  • Vendor selection
  • Project planning
  • Project management
  • Practice and workflow redesign
  • System configuration
  • Infrastructure development
  • Functional interoperability
  • Progress towards meaningful use
  • Privacy and security

In addition to the subsidized bundle of 12 services, HITEC-LA members can receive significantly discounted assistance for the following services:

  • Conversion
  • Internal lab interface
  • Hospital interface
  • HIE interface
  • Other services not necessary to attain meaningful use Stage 1/go-live

Who pays for Service Partners?

A federal grant under the HITECH Act of 2010 allows HITEC-LA to offer subsidized rates for the standard bundle of technical services to help providers achieve meaningful use for Stage 1.  HITEC-LA member providers can also opt to purchase additional services at deeply discounted rates for a limited time only.

How do Service Partners help providers achieve meaningful use?

HITEC-LA has carefully selected a variety of Service Partners who have an in-depth understanding of practice settings, skill requirements, staff training needs, meaningful use guidelines and technology platforms that will allow providers to achieve meaningful use.  The following key components are included as part of the process:

  • Prior to implementation, Service Partners confirm that providers have the ability to successfully proceed towards meaningful use without adversely affecting the quality of their patient care.
  • During implementation, Service Partners remain continually engaged with providers, ensuring that their EHR systems satisfy each and every meaningful use requirement while maintaining clinical quality.
  • Post-implementation, Service Partners insure that the provider is able to report and attest to meaningful use.