Meet the Team

These are the people who want to help you make real change happen!


Left to right:  Len Rosenthal, Director, Marketing & Communications; Joe Acosta, Program Manager; Ali Modaressi, Director, EHR Technology; Shamika Mane, Project Coordinator; Sarah Cong Del Rosario, Project Coordinator; Myishea Peters, Project Manager; Mary Franz, Executive Director; Mary Mitchell, Sr. Project Manager; Jennifer McCullough, Director, Education & Outreach; Jordan Barrera, Sr. Financial Analyst; Mirna Vazquez, Executive Associate; Ralph Oyaga, Associate Counsel; Cathy Mechsner, Project Manager; Rhonda Reyes, Project Coordinator

HITEC-LA Leadership

Mary Franz, Executive Director

Franz leads the strategic direction and operations of HITEC-LA.  She has over 20 years of health care industry experience, with a focus on helping providers, payers, and life sciences organizations improve performance using health information technology.  Franz previously served as Chief Operating Officer of Connecture, and was also Executive Vice President of the Healthcare Consulting and Systems Integration Practice, an Officer at First Consulting Group, and a Partner at PricewaterhouseCoopers.  Franz holds a Master’s in Science Management with an Operations Research concentration from Purdue University and a Bachelor’s of Science in Statistics from Indiana University. 

Ali Modaressi, Director, Electronic Health Records Technology

Modaressi is responsible for evaluating, selecting, and managing HITEC-LA’s technology partners and vendors.  He has over 18 years of experience in health information technology.  Prior to joining HITEC-LA, Modaressi was an IT Program Manager and consultant at MBC, and has served as Director of Technical Services at Sage Software, Technical Support Manager at WebMD, and Principal at Intelligent Concepts.  Modaressi has a Bachelor’s in Mathematics and Computer Science and a Master’s in Management Science and Operations Research from University of Warwick in England.

Jennifer McCullough, Director, Education and Outreach

McCullough manages HITEC-LA’s programs to reach, educate, and enroll providers.  She has over 18 years experience in business development, product development, sales, professional development, and event production for several industries.  Her expertise includes outreach to internal and external industry experts, creating and managing budgets, recruiting, negotiating contracts, and managing cross-functional teams and multiple vendors.  McCullough holds both a Bachelor’s of Science and Master’s of Science in Business Administration from Northwestern University.

Len Rosenthal, Director, Marketing and Communications

Rosenthal is in charge of marketing, communications, and public affairs for HITEC-LA including management of the website and other media. He was most recently Executive Director of Marketing and Public Affairs for University Health Centers/Southern California University of Health Sciences, and has held key marketing positions with technology companies including Cobham and Infotrieve.  Rosenthal received his MBA from Pepperdine University and his Bachelor’s in Science in Biology from University of Maryland.